Photoshop CC

Photoshop Course Details Duration: 5 Hours Amount ₹ 1000
01-Introduction 02-Display Calibration 03-Software Installation
04-Interface 05-Property Bar 06-Settings
07-Brightness / Contrast 08-History 09-Colour Correction
10-Advanced Light Correction-1 11-Advanced Light Correction-2 12-Camera Raw
13-Image Cropping 14-Image Size 15-New Document
16-Brush 17-Image Retouching 18-Remove Unwanted
19-Basic Skin Softening 20-File Operations 21-Basics of Layers
22-Layers in Advanced 23-Adjustment Layers 24-Gradient Duotone
25-Quick Colours 26-Marquee Selection 27-Image Composition
28-Pattern 29-Rulers Guides Grids 30-Advertise design
31-Lasso Selection 32-Magnetic Lasso 33-Delete Background
34-Transform layers 35-Modify Selection 36-Replace colour
37-Content Aware 38-Magic Wand 39-Quick Selection
40-Advanced Background Rremove 41-Background Eraser 42-Complex Background Remove
43-Image Blending 44-3D Film Strip 45-Layer Mask
46-Jewelery Highlight 47-3D Pop Out 48-Cliping Mask
49-Quick Mask 50-Gradient 51-Text
52-Text on path 53-Text effects 54-Masking text
55-Shapes 56-Smart filters 57-Blur filters
58-Sharpen filters 59-Caricature 60-Layer effects
61-Advertise design-2 62-Black and white to colour 63-Digital makeup
64-Action recording 65-Action apply 66-Karizma album designing essentials
67-Karizma album with clipping mask 68-Karizma Album Cover Page Designing 69-Karizma Album DM Page designing
70-Karizma Album Inner Pages 71-Photo frames 72-Custom shape frames
73-Photo border effects 74-Hoarding design 75-Coloured Mosaic
76-Web animation 77-Glossy button 78-Web banner
79-Whatsapp Image 80-Whatsapp Document Editing 81-Scanning and Printing

CorelDRAW X6

CorelDraw Course Details Duration: 5 Hours Amount ₹ 1000
01-About CorelDraw 02-Why learn CorelDraw 03-What is Graphic Designing
04-Download CorelDraw 05-CorelDraw Installation 06-Introduction
07-Document Settings 08-Raster VS Vector 09-Rectangle
10-Colour Fill 11-Outline 12-Object Handling
13-Shapes-1 14-Shapes-2 15-Copy, Zoom, Pan, Mirror
16-Move Snap, Nudge, Rotate 17-Freehand Drawing 18-Node Editing
19-Drawing of Flower 20-Smart fill 21-Background design
22-Drawing tools 23-Calligraphic text 24-Bspline
25-Simple logo designing 26-Detailed Node Editing 27-Graphics designing
28-Logo Designing 29-Logo tracing 30-Text
31-Artistic Text 32-Text on path 33-Fonts
34-Brochure designing 35-Paragraphic text 36-Text warp
37-Continue text in books 38-Insert Page Number 39-Special characters
40-Colour models 41-Fill tools 42-Interactive fill
43-Logo & Visiting card designing 44-Gold seal designing 45-Phamplet designing
46-Mesh fill 47-Lotus flower designing 48-Abstract Tricolour designing
49-Knife and Eraser 50-Shaping tools 51-Power clip
52-Magazine cover designing 53-Cloning 54-Blur filters
55-Rulers Guides and Grid 56-Dynamic and alignment guides 57-Object alignment
58-Dimensions 59-Object transformation 60-Shape editing tools
61-Blend-Frames-Abstract line waves 62-Contour 63-Distort
64-Envelope 65-Extrude 66-Transparency
67-Shadows 68-Tables 69-layers-1
70-Layers-2 71-Master Page 72-Bitmap correction
73-Bitmap tracing 74-File operations 75-Layout for printing
76-Post script 77-Bill book design 78-School ID card Design
79-Flex-Hoarding design 80-Wedding card designing 81-Screen Printing
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